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About Entree Buitaug

our company

The project started 4 years ago. In collaboration with Green Eagle, which establish in 2010. We started to develop the cultivation of organic fruits and vegetables at the two pilot farms. We currently have 5 to 10 employees as technical staff, community staff and farmers. Our commitment is to produce organic fruits and vegetables at an affordable price for Cambodians and the rest of the world.

our farm

Currently we have two pilot farms, the first one is located at Picnic Resort along National Road 4 (the road that brings you from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville), the second one in the commune of Chhroy Svay, Sre Amel district, Koh Kong province. These two farms are using the "old" traditional way of growing fruits and vegetables combined with modern concepts of preparing the soil, planting and harvesting organic products. The combination of both methods are not only environment-friendly, but also guarantee a good harvest to the farmers and healthy fruits and vegetables for you and your family. These two farms serve now as educational centers for farmers who receive a simple hands-on training.

our vision

Khmer Organic Cooperative’s vision is to promote organic vegetables and fruits for consumers at an affordable price, equip farmers with knowledge and essential skills to grow organic produce on their own and work towards establishing a sustainable environment free of chemicals and genetically modified seeds.  

Organic fruits and vegetables not only taste better but they are important for good health. Khmer Organic Cooperative strives to find markets for our farmers’ produce in order to provide them with earning and providing sustainable practices in the country.

We hope that government agencies, NGOs and people of Cambodia will join us and support our vision.