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1. How to Create account

Open your browser; go to www.khmerorganiccooperative.com -> Log In -> Create an Account -> Fill in your information -> Submit.



After you created an account successful, this screen will display.


3. How to search/find products

Go to the top of the website.

4. How to purchase product

Click on In Stock menu to check all available products for sale. Choose the product you want to buy then click on Add to Cart (will add one kg or one piece from the selected product).

or click to the product name or picture then you can choice the quantity that you want



Click on Cart icon to view the list of chosen product then click Check Out to place order.


Click on Cart icon to view and edit the list of chosen product or/then click directly Check Out to place order.

Choose FLAT RATE or if you prefer to pickup your order in a PICKUP STORE (choose your delivery point and the name of the person which will make the pickup) then press Continue.

Click Continue (in moment it's just available to make a cash payment on delivry)

Review your order then click Place Order to order.

Now your order is make.... You will receive a mail with the confirmation.