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The farm is located 160 kilometers from Phnom Penh.


The farm works as a training center where local farmers have the opportunity to learn essential skills in growing organic produce and produce is provided to consumers at an affordable price.

Khmer Organic Cooperative trains Cambodian farmers to grow fruits and vegetables without chemicals.  Additionally the Cooperative finds markets for their natural and chemical free produce.

Come visit the farm and bring your family for them to learn and enjoy the farm.  Explore how eating natural and chemical free vegetables and fruits can improve your family‚Äôs health. Improving living conditions of Cambodian farmers is our mission

Come and visit our farm and the Cambodian famers.

Khmer Organic Cooperative will be happy to organize your visit to the farm. We look forward to seeing you at the farm.

Option 1 - Stop on your way to or from Sihanoukville

It takes 2 or 3 hours and you can stop at the Picnic Resort for a healthy lunch or dinner and then visit the Farm at the resort - price for set menu lunch and visit per person is $7 (children below 12 pay $5)

Option 2 - A day trip to the Farm

 A day trip will provide you the opportunity to see the farm and to enjoy the Picnic Resort with a healthy and tasty lunch - price for transportation for taxi  $100 (max 4 people), with minivan $160 (max 9 peoples) - price for set menu lunch and visit per people $7 (children below 12 pay $5)

Option 3 - Spend 2 days at the Picnic and Farm

Come relax at the Picnic Resort and explore first hand how vegetables are grown and learn how to harvest vegetables and get to know the local farmers. The price for taxi is $130 (max 4 people), per minivan $190 (max 9 peoples) - price for 3 meals (2 lunches and 1 diner) and visit per person $21 (children below 12 years pay $15)

Note: When you make your reservations, please inform us about your meal choices